Best Practices in Education and Technology

This 2012 Cisco White Paper reviews a number of case studies of where technology is effectively used to improve learning.

Other key points include:

  • it is  critical to look at the underlying conditions that provide the foundations of success,
    including culture, relationships, and approach.
  • a culture of responsibility and trust can  act as a powerful support for innovative development
  • good relationships underpin  the collaboration required in so many excellent projects
  • and a design approach that  engages and works with all stakeholders in education can ensure initiatives do not
    become detached from addressing “the hopes and fears of all the years”.

An additional trend that appears in some of the case studies may be summarized as  a growing democratization of education. Several case studies point to an approach  where education is done with and by learners rather than done to them. If it is true that  learners more readily adopt and adapt technology, perhaps technology has an important  role to play in encouraging that agency and increasing motivation. The future may hold  less fitting technology to existing systems of curriculum.


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