The future (according to the Horizon Report)

The future?

The Horizon Report from the New Media Consortium shows what trends are emerging in the use of technology and the timescales. We thought it would be interesting to compare where we are on the timescale of time to adoption:

Three Year Horizon Report Comparison

Time to adoption

2012 Topics

2011 Topics

2010 Topics


One year or less Mobile devices & apps Cloud computing Cloud computing Live@edu accounts on iPads and developing college app
One year or less Tablet computing Mobiles Social computing iPads and tablets in use in several faculties
Two to three years Game-based learning Game-based learning Educational gaming
Two to three years Personal learning environments Open content Mobiles AOC project and bid for JISC project to create personal learning environments accessible via all devices
Four to five years Augmented reality Learning analytics Augmented reality College app being developed capable of augmented reality based on location.
Four to five years Natural user interfaces Personal learning environments Thin screens and flexible interfaces

Chart source:

It looks as if we’re well prepared for future developments, but the one that’s missing is game-based learning. There are lots of resources available from the TES link below if anyone wants to try them out as part of the TEL Passport.


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