Students as agents of change

One of the programmes in which JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) is involved is called ‘Engage your students as agents of change.’ The premise on which it is based is that, as students are now paying much higher fees (particularly in HE) the relationship between the educational institution and the student has changed. They go on to say:

“By seeing students as partners in the delivery of their education, institutions benefit from fresh perspectives and students gain skills valued by employers and a sense of empowerment. Technology has a key role to play in many innovative learning experiences and students are often quicker to see potential solutions than staff. By delivering as well as developing new experiences, students become agents of change within an institution, ensuring take-up.” 27/6/2012

There is already a Digital Leaders programme in schools, where students are involved in building both their own skills and helping staff.  An example in our region is from Fulford School in York.

Can we do this at LCC? We’ve just begun to set up our own Digital Leaders programme and you’ll hear more about it during staff development week.


About Keith Tellum

TEL Manager, Leeds City College

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