Vision for Learning Update – 26th November


Draft working vision:

The Leeds City College vision for learning is where staff and students work as partners to co-create an inspirational learning community.


The LCC V4L will be realised when:

1. Learning, teaching and assessment are judged as exceptional by students, parents/carers, employers and wider stakeholders.

2. All learning programmes are personalised following an accurate assessment of learners’ prior attainment, educational goals and career aspirations.

3. Learning, teaching and assessment (pedagogy) is adaptive and flexible, meeting diverse learner characteristics and learning preferences.

4. Learners and staff work in partnership to co-create a learning community which is inclusive and supports all learners to achieve their full potential.

5. All teachers are passionate about leaning and aware of their effectiveness and on-going professional develop needs to ensure consistent delivery of a high impact quality learning experience.

6. Leeds City College is recognised as an outstanding and innovative provider of inspirational learning programmes.


Dimensions of the LCC V4L

  1. A college culture which creates an inspirational climate for learning.
  2. The delivery of a curriculum for learning where learning is matched to learner’s ability, needs and aspirations.
  3. Teachers with the professional characteristics, skills, knowledge and understanding of contemporary pedagogy to deliver exceptional learning programmes.
  4. Resourcing which meets the needs and demands of blended learning programmes.
  5. Evaluation and review of learning identifies where learners and staff can improve outcomes.
  6. Learners who complete their studies successfully at LCC as global citizens fully prepared for employment or continuing studies.


Summary Grid




WHY does delivering outstanding teaching, learning and assessment learning matter?
WHAT should be our priorities for teaching, learning and assessment and how do these priorities align with business needs?
HOW will Leeds City College improve LTA?
WHO is accountable for delivering outstanding TLA?
WHAT support is available to improve LTA?
HOW will we measure the improvement of LTA?
WHEN will we complete the component parts of the plan?


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