Publications and Useful Documents

Leading Learning and Letting Go…

A IOE, 157 Group and IfL publication from a seminar discussing research evidence in FE on how the sector can ‘lead learning’ to best effect over the coming decades.


Leading Learning in FE

A 157 Group and CfBT publication on the leadership of learning in FE. The purpose is to identify the things college leaders do that have most impact on the quality of teaching and learning.

CfBT/157 Leading Learning

Great Teaching and Learning

A report on the innovative conference involving managers, teachers and learners from FE held in May 2012


Twitter in Further Education Report

The Future of Learning 


One thought on “Publications and Useful Documents

  1. Interesting stuff on page 21 by Andrew Gossen about who actually uses Twitter (in the US at least). Interesting to think of Twitter as more of a tool for staff than students (seeing as there is a fair bit of evidence that the 16 to 19 crowd don’t really use it).

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